The Benefits Of Being A Sustainable Business And Offering Market Leading Warranties For Solar Systems

Sustainability is no longer a ‘hippy’ or ‘hipster’ pipe dream. It has quantifiable, market leading benefits when integrated into business operations and strategies. From solar systems with warranties to re-engineering product material usage. If you want to catch up to the competition or bring your brand ethics up to date, here are some of the benefits you could enjoy:

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Money talks which is why businesses don’t think green until consumers demand it. Consumers check on a company’s environmental impact when purchasing. Their behaviour is influenced by personal, social, and environmental values. Another buying influence is a company that is actively supporting their communities. Doing good is one of the pillars of marketing campaigns. Practicing the conservation of resources improves brand awareness and filters through the whole company culture.  


Nay-Sayers reject sustainability as too expensive yet sustainable business practices lead to efficient operations,  conserved resources, improved team productivity and reduced costs. Simple strategies can be uncomplicated. Turn off lights, insulate walls, and fix plumbing leaks.  When you are ready to save more, phase in solar power or geothermal systems. The bigger the impact usually equates to the bigger the start-up cost but the R.O.I far outweighs start-up costs and brand value increases.


Investors like to be associated with the positive, especially as investors are now of generations raised with a heightened awareness of sustainability.  This goes for talent pools as well.  Any hint of ecological disasters then social welfare issues, money and talent will melt away. Be respectful of the environment and your team, investors and product will be there waiting when you need to expand.


Waste reduction starts with consumption reduction. Don’t print unnecessarily, use recycled paper, re-engineer your products so they use less raw materials, or waste less material. Use less energy via LED lights or solar power (the saving is staggering), reduce the amount of packaging (and filler) in your products to help reduce the carbon footprint of your company.


Sustainability-proactive companies outperformed the market in medium and long range terms. Can any company afford to not become fully sustainable (environment, social and governance) or at least partially sustainable? If you can achieve it, morale, productivity, sales and brand value will increase and costs will decrease – the ultimate win-win-win-win.

Contact ALS Solar with any more questions you have on converting to solar power, market leading warranties solar systems or adding to your solar power and we will guide you through our market leadinging, fully Australian designed, manufactured and installed solar systems with 25 year and 10 year warranties.

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