Is Manufactured Solar In The City Bad? Not If It’s Good!

Manufactured solar power is, by now, a household word even if your home or business is not solar powered yet.  Most of us have even heard of big developments of manufactured solar from solar farms.  These receive lots of good press with the public perceiving these as a step in the right direction. Let us, therefore, discuss if very big commercial scale installations belong in any of our cities.

Manufactured Solar Power In The City

Fremantle is reviewing a former landfill site as a potential base for a commercial solar farm.  This farm is expected to produce 4.9 megawatts of solar power.  This size of this landfill site is eight-hectares and currently stands to be Australia’s largest urban solar farm. This is part of the City Council’s 10-year plan for Fremantle to become powered by 100% clean energy.

Unusual for a green project, this one is currently facing opposition from residents. The site is a rubbish dump containing potentially toxic contaminants such as asbestos which residents fear will spread.  There are also concerns over potential glare emitting from the solar panels as well as the fear of excessive noise.

However, in Sydney, the Sydney Markets in Flemington more specifically, there is one of Australia’s largest rooftop solar installations.  This generates around three megawatts.  The mention of this is pertinent to the fact that there has been no public outcry about this large-scale solar installation. Like this solar rooftop, solar setups sometimes use mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto solar PV panels. 

Why Are There Complaints About Manufactured Solar Then In Cities?

Many cities are looking to use unused ‘land’, such as areas alongside freeways, flood-prone land, rooftops on malls, factories and residences for solar installations. With this, there is a benefit of establishing energy production points closer to the consumption point, which means less energy is lost versus transmitting over long distances.

If you add up the total amount of Australia’s installed solar panels, there is enough energy to power all the homes in Sydney.  However, big solar installations can be challenging for urban planners as the mirror components might cause problems with glare or even damage and maintenance vehicles might add to neighbourhood traffic. Installation could cause problems with noise pollution too. Furthermore, the other human factor to consider is views. Homes might have their view disrupted if it is overlooking a large-scale solar installation. 

However, if done right, the benefits of manufactured solar power far outweighs any small negative by a long shot. And done right, all that residents fear could be washed away with solar in the city done professionally, with innovation and the latest measures eliminating all negatives.

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Our solution: It would be best to have a landfill cleaned of toxins via a completely separate project.  Once it is safe then install a solar farm. No-one can complain that the landfill was a beautiful view. If city planners put citizens first then solar in the city is a perfect solution and this is what we are about. Large solar power installed in a way that not only the residents can benefit, but the earth. Contact ALS Solar with any questions you have about converting to solar power or adding to your solar power and we will guide you through our fully Australian designed, manufactured solar choices.

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