Commercial Solar


With electricity costs rising, take control with the switch to solar and generate your own energy. A sound investment for now and the future, solar panels also add value to both your home or business premises whilst providing savings in the short term.

The most effective action you can take to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions is to ensure the electricity you use is sourced from solar panels on your roof. Over 2 million Australian households have already installed rooftop solar and are helping to drive the transition to renewable energy.

In an industry where customer satisfaction is low, you can trust ALS due to our focus and commitment we have towards providing systems which are proven to be the most reliable in the market, manufactured right here in Australia for Australian conditions. We can guarantee your system satisfaction by combining this commitment with our unique customised approach to your design and internal team of CEC accredited tradesmen, ensuring that we take ownership of every step in your transition to solar power.  

Be Confident You Are Investing in the Most Reliable Solar Systems on the Market with an Australian Company You Can Trust


Quality guaranteed with a 25 year warranty – one of the only solar modules in the world that has such a long product and performance warranty.

Desert knowledge solar center

Tindo Solar panels are tested in Australia at the Desert Knowledge Testing Centre located in Alice Springs. The panels are tested in the Australian climate so you can trust that they are extremely durable and are perfectly designed to last in the Aussie weather.

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Choice Magazine rated Tindo Solar ‘Best overall’ solar panel in 2017 and 2018. Choice magazine partnered with CSIRO and determined that Tindo Solar panels performed the overall best in their testing fields.

Learn how much the switch to clean energy can save your home or business by getting a customised solution