Australian Made Panels

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The Tindo Karra-330W PERC MONO solar panels are manufactured in Australia at Tindo Solar’s Mawson Lakes manufacturing facility. 

The Tindo Karra is one of the the most beautiful solar panels … in the world.

It has been designed and are manufactured without compromise. 

The panels are a  high voltage panel (rated to 1500V), utilise 5 Busbar technology, and are produced with larger G1 square cells and are always square meaning it is easy to handle and install – an Australian solar panel made to last.

The Tindo Solar Promise

Tindo Karra solar modules give you a minimum of 25 years of long-term high performance thanks to Tindo Solar’s premium quality. Tindo’s performance has undisputedly outperformed our competition on durability hence  “Australian Made” really stands for something!

After 10 years of production, Tindo’s installed module fleet failure rate is some 200 x lower than our competitors, hence why the product warranty was increased  from 10 to 12 years. The product warranty on these panels is exceptionally customer-friendly, easy to understand and offer long-term security.

POE (PolyOlefin Encapsulant) – Exclusive to the Tindo Karra Premium Models

Traditional EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) vs POE (PolyOlefin Encapsulant)

  • Improve thermo-mechanical properties for durable performance in and out.
  • UV cut-off, which means it protects the solar panels from getting damaged from UV Rays.
  • Chemical inertness is another feature that prevents corrosion due to acid gas.
  • Improved PID (volume, heat, and humidity) resistance for superior performance.
  • Higher volume resistivity to prevent the current leakage from the insulating material.

And that means superior panel with increased lifespan!