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Earn yourself $250 cash for every successful referral whilst supporting Australian jobs and manufacturing

Take advantage of our referral reward program today by simply filling out the contact form below.

This program has been put in place to reward people who refer to a successful ALS Solar installation (this may be a residential or commercial system).

As much of ALS Solar’s business comes from referrals, we would like to reward you for those referrals and by doing so trust you will continue to support ALS Solar in providing a world class solar system that will outperform and out last much of the imported solar panels to the people, businesses and organisations you refer.

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Solar Panels for Home

To be eligible for the $250 cash referral reward please note the following:

Thank you very much for supporting ALS Solar and manufacturing jobs in Australia.

The terms and conditions of this program are subject to change at any time without notice. This program may be terminated at ALS Solar’s discretion. For further information please email