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Savings with Solar

Learn how much the switch to clean energy can save your home or business with our easy to use Solar Savings Calculator.

ALS Solar has developed a quick and easy-to-use Solar Calculator

The Solar Calculator uses data from the Australian Solar Radiation Data Handbook to estimate how much energy a optimised solar system will generate. It takes into consideration the temperature of the panels for the location selected along with the amount of sunshine available throughout the year. The Solar Calculator does make some assumptions such as the solar panels not being shaded and also having the azimuth and inclination angle optimised for the selected location. If these assumptions are not accurate for you, or you would prefer a more individualised analysis, please contact the ALS Solar team directly on 1300 581 800.

Tell us when and how much energy you use, and we’ll customise the right solar solution

Understanding your energy patterns helps our team to design the best size solaredge optimised system and decide on the best location. We’ll make sure you get the right system for your lifestyle.

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